The Children’s Poly-Olbion, like Drayton’s Poly-Olbion itself, is a collaborative project, drawing on the skills, knowledge and ideas of a team of organisations and individuals.

Key partners:

Flash of Splendour
Exeter University
English Folk Dance and Song Society, Cecil Sharp House
Royal Geographical Society
Westminster Abbey

Educational Partners:

Exeter House, Salisbury
Fiveways School, Yeovil
Pencalenick School, Truro
SENSS Ormerod Base, Marlborough School, Woodstock
Rowdeford School, Devizes
WESC Foundation, Exeter


Stephen Walter
Charles Newington
David McInnes
Paul Bommer


Ars Eloquentiae
Richard MacKenzie, lutenist
The Exuberant Trust

Design Partners:

Hazel Dexter
Mark Packham, Eiger International
Rosie Edwards
Isis Framing

Literary Partners:

Paul Farley
John Matthews
Blackwell’s Bookshop, Oxford
The Aldgate Press